10 November 2010

Met Costume Exhibition: 2011

The news broke today that New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art's annual costume exhibition will highlight the legacy of the late Alexander McQueen. Given the universal adoration for not only McQueen's design aesthetic but also for the designer personally, I imagine this will be one of the most well attended exhibits the Costume Institute will ever have. Like going to see a Pollock restrospective, reverant in the knowledge a brilliant mind was taken from the art world before its time, the McQeen exhibit will no doubt inspire us and move us. His death, a shock that will take years for the industry to overcome.

Lee McQueen was certainly one of my favorite designers. His flare for dramatic, voluminous, historically punctuated, and terribly sexy -- and terribly sought after -- fashions hold their place rock steady in the history of costume, the history of the industry, the history of the UK, and the history of art. There aren't enough words for those who followed his climb to the hierarchy of the fashion world to express the impact he had.

As such, I've put together this (albeit) small restrospective of some of my favorite McQueen moments and motifs. I'm sure these will be plentiful over the next year, especially after the exhibit opens in May. Until then...McQueen: