about me

I love the visual...fashion, art, photography, graphics, French decor, English gardens, empty theatres, old buildings, vintage furniture, stacks of well-loved books, antique jewelry, and any city, town, or hole in the wall where I might find any of the above.

Since I spent my childhood surrounded by fashionable women, I started reading Vogue (and every other fashion magazine) when I was nine.  After a brief stint in fashion design school, I wound up with an English degree.  I'm now the proverbial liberal arts degree holder working in the non-profit sector but leading a double life by holding on with finally painted nails to those images that first inspired me so many years ago:  my mother in a camel colored trench, red nails and perfectly coiffed blond hair; my sister walking down runways in bright pink pumps and bold silver accessories; my other sister the picture of the "All American Girl" with her freckled nose and classic taste; my grandmother in crisp, white Ralph Lauren shirts, dark skinny jeans and red boots.  But first and foremost, to Christian Dior's New Look -- the original Bar.

I also love to write. Thanks for indulging me.

Frock 'N Roll
Fashion, to me, is art. And like art, great fashion is timeless and trans formative. It's not just about wearing designer labels or expense. It's about style that comes from somewhere within and mixes in a tangible, necessary and unique way. It defines and refines and is no different than the painting you choose to hang over your bed or your favorite book you've read a million times. It's personal expression and in this day and age of globalization, everyone is hungry to define their distinct individuality.

Please note: I do not claim images herein to be my own unless specifically noted.

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