29 August 2009

I'm a Fall Fashion Fanatic

And these minor winds of autumn that keep blowing through the South are really making me anxious for my favorite month of the year, October. Add to that the fact that I am completely engrossed in the Twilight novels, there are Halloween wares on all of my favorite websites, and August will be coming to a winding halt on Tuesday, and I'd say I'm really ready to ditch the tank tops, sundresses and sandals. But then I'm pretty much always ready to ditch those things. If I could live in boots, jeans, dresses, and vintage rocker chic jackets all the time, I would be one very happy girl. Until then, I'll dream a bit and take you with me...

I love the vintage and gothic feel of this Erdem dress. And the color is divine.

So I found this website that housed this amazing coat via another site not realizing it was taken me to Moscow. Still, I had to share. It may be a little over the top for where I live, but can't you just picture with the new boots of the season, strolling around NYC at the dusk of night? Dreamy...

This whole look from Alexander McQueen kills me...well, pretty much his whole fall collection kills me. Gorgeous, every bit of it.

I am completely in love with this dress by Boudicca at Elizabeth Charles. It would be so great with a (faux) fur collared wool coat and a pair of clunky round-toed Mary Janes. Very feminine, very early century.

more later...

xoxox, kvlm

14 August 2009

Yeah, no.

Does anyone else find this kind of disturbing?

When I stumbled out of my heels from a long, hard day at work, I was super pumped to find my first September Fashion Issue -- each year I look forward to those ten pound glimpses into what the next year of fashion will hold. But this is a little too much a little too soon, don't ya think?

I'm starting to become quite disillusioned with all fashion mags which is something I never thought I'd say, having been a regular reader since the age of at least nine. But between the reality tv shows, the movies, the bad publicity and the sell-out covers, my favorite fashion rags are starting to rival the likes of In Touch and US Weekly. What the hell?

This cover is, unfortunately, not the first time I've questioned Bazaar's rationale as of late. As a subscriber, I get "the good" covers, but the newstands get some other spin of the decades old magazine which is usually covered in multi-colored headlines over the headshot of some big-shot actress making it look more like the cover of a glossy tabloid than a high quality fashion magazine. And how exactly do they justify the production of two different magazine covers per month in these economic times anyway?

I don't think paying respect to The King of Pop so shortly after his sudden demise with a happy, shiney faced Agyness Deyn donning his look circa 1983 was the way to go. Maybe if we were celebrating his birthday or the anniversary of his first triple platinum, then I could see it. But sudden death does not equate little skinny white girls with big smiles plastered on their faces to generate magazine sales.

Dignity anyone?

Fashion magazines get a bad wrap as it is for superficiality and feeding the consumer monster. Maybe if they upped the humanity factor, and focused more on the substantial contribution fashion makes to art, philanthropic endeavors, and, quite simply, the global economy, they'd sell more issues? Just a suggestion...

13 August 2009

Three Tidbits for a Thursday

Let's get to the good stuff first. I'm sure everyone has seen the H-H-H-HOT dress Angelina Jolie wore to the Inglorious Bastards Premiere in New York the other day but if you did not, behold:

I cannot get this dress out of my head. It's quite possibly the most sophisticated, sexy, and chic way I have ever seen leather done. And I love that it has that air of "Angelina Past" to it; she really is the proverbial badass, is she not?

Sadly, Rachel McAdams has a much less qualified stylist. Who should be out of a job today or at least lashed with a wet noodle for sending her out to her first starring role in a long time, ie. the premiere for The Time Traveler's Wife.

I'm sorry to report that this white-opaque-shiney-short-ruched-low-cut-shoulder padded nightmare of a dress whose Hollywood Tape is barely holding the dress to her breasts though doing so enough to make it obvious that it's taped because it's draping across her minimal chest is really really bad does nothing for her. Nor do the shoes. Now from the neck up, she looks gorgeous! Absolutely stunning. Unfortunate. Maybe in black and TURNED AROUND and maybe a little longer, we would have had something. Girls with shorter legs take note: wearing shorter dresses does NOT make you look taller. It makes you look like you have a two inch long butt and makes your legs look like Nadja Comanechi. A mid-knee look would have made her look much taller and slimmer. (Not that's she's not slim, mind you!)

Ok, on to the next tidbit as my lunch hour dwindles down to the last minute...we'll call this a bit of a product review. The genius' over at Sexy Hair Concepts have come up with this gem of a product:

At first I was a little scared that the pumpkin smell might be a bit overwhelming or that I might smell like one of those air freshners cab drivers hang from their rearview mirrors. But I was desperate for new product. This schizophrenic weather we've been having has really done a number on my mostly-curly hair making it mostly frizzy, somewhat straight, and then mostly kinky. Good times. NOT. At any rate, being the HUGE halloween fan I am, I figured these bottles of fragranted October heaven might turn out to be a winner. And was I right! I picked up the rehydrating shampoo (yea! no frizz today and it's even raining!), the leave-in conditioner with ginger root (yea! not heavy!) and the styling souflee (which is scary when you open it as it looks like orange cake icing) but so far so good! And I smell like fall which is NEVER a bad thing!!

Ok...back to work!