29 August 2009

I'm a Fall Fashion Fanatic

And these minor winds of autumn that keep blowing through the South are really making me anxious for my favorite month of the year, October. Add to that the fact that I am completely engrossed in the Twilight novels, there are Halloween wares on all of my favorite websites, and August will be coming to a winding halt on Tuesday, and I'd say I'm really ready to ditch the tank tops, sundresses and sandals. But then I'm pretty much always ready to ditch those things. If I could live in boots, jeans, dresses, and vintage rocker chic jackets all the time, I would be one very happy girl. Until then, I'll dream a bit and take you with me...

I love the vintage and gothic feel of this Erdem dress. And the color is divine.

So I found this website that housed this amazing coat via another site not realizing it was taken me to Moscow. Still, I had to share. It may be a little over the top for where I live, but can't you just picture with the new boots of the season, strolling around NYC at the dusk of night? Dreamy...

This whole look from Alexander McQueen kills me...well, pretty much his whole fall collection kills me. Gorgeous, every bit of it.

I am completely in love with this dress by Boudicca at Elizabeth Charles. It would be so great with a (faux) fur collared wool coat and a pair of clunky round-toed Mary Janes. Very feminine, very early century.

more later...

xoxox, kvlm

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