28 February 2009

It's Raining

I love rain. Lots of people do. I love it for a couple of different reasons. The biggest being that rain makes people slow down. It makes getting around at our speedy pace a little more challenging. At base, I'm more that slow poke than anything so this tends to work out nicely for me. My life is so constant and hectic, a good "slow" day is always welcome. Second, it's terribly romantic isn't it? And that little romantic inclination lends itself to some rather cute rain gear.

I'm a sucker for old coats anyway, so perfect opportunity to break out my late '60's topcoat I bought from a local vintage shop while I was in college. I have literally worn this coat every time the weather drops below 65 and there's one cloud in the sky. I've worn it with jeans, over dresses, with hats, to school, to parties, to work. I'm not entirely sure how it's still "standing." I lived in it in England. Of course there, it was necessary since the sky will just suddenly open up at any given moment and while those clear plastic rain slickers are sold on virtually every corner and at every tourist stop, I have never longed to hang out in a see-through Hefty, thank you very much. My coat is almost identical in cut to this:

So I've set out this morning to find some more to add to my collection.

I love this. It's a nice retro spin on the classic trench without being overly cutesy. The full cut is perfect when you've got a dress you don't want wet or wrinkled but also proves to make great legs look even better when paired with fitted jeans or slacks. Found on meanshopper.

This one I found on TravelSmith and it's very similar to the one I have; it's structured kind of like a man's (mine is actually a man's) which can serve a few purposes. 1) The cut of a man's coat can slim you down because there is no fullness in the fit at all; 2) wearing a man's cut looks quite sexy on a woman, in my opinion (it's a little tomboy but with some killer knee-high boots, no one will be thinking about climbing trees); 3) the print here, which is a really tight houndstooth just like mine, is great for hiding spots (and if you have kids like I do, spots can be a major issue). Here are some more men's cut coats I love (one I found on Overstock, one with a little girly color, a DVF that's a good mix of the traditional with a super feminine twist and of course a mac):

We couldn't discuss raincoats without talking about Burberry, of course. The first look, totally runway, could be replicated pretty simply with a great brown belt and classic trench you can pick up in just about any major department store. I love the slim cut of it, too. The second coat would be good when you have to dress up even though the sky has decided it's Armageddon. I like the color and am such a sucker for blue with black, even if the metallic sheen doesn't necessarily appeal to me for everyday:

I also have a soft spot for white trench coats. There's just something a little unexpected about a white trench on a rainy day; something ironic I suppose. It stands out and looks great with black. These coats: Norma Kamali, Tahari at Bluefly, and Soia & Kyo:

Last but not least, we have to have a little bit of flare to choose from. I like this Venetian red coat from Modcloth although I'm not a huge fan for the traditional slicker (that noise and the overall inflexibile vortex it creates is no bueno); the second coat is from Coast in the UK. (I love love their site; why don't I live there??) It's a little over the top and at first I wasn't sure about the bow in the back but then I had a vision of it with some serious black stilletto's, vintage screw back drop earrings and a squirt or two of Boudoir and now I'm considering hitting up my expat buddy on his next trip overseas. This would look great for a night out at the theatre! I think I need it in my life.

enjoy the weather. much love, kvlm

24 February 2009

Que dans l'enfer ?

Yes, I've just asked wth? in French. I'm trying it out in all languages to see which one fits better. This felt like a francais moment to me.

Ginnifer Goodwin is one of those women whose beauty just kind of sneaks up on you. She definitely has an unforgettable face. Unfortunately, she also has an unforgettable dress. Trust me, I've tried. Taken apart, the dress might make for a perfect bodice to a column gown or, hell, I'd even take a ball skirt. The skirt might be stretched over canvas and sold as imitation Pollock; a very small Pollock (short skirt, party of one). At any rate, together, it just doesn't work. The porportions are just all wrong. Let's all make a note of this and avoid it in the future, shall we?

23 February 2009

A Blog Longer than any Mickey Rourke Speech Could Have Ever Been...

Ah, Oscar night. There are a million reasons I sit down at 6:00 and stick it out til the bitter end of the Oscars (which was nearly midnight last night), most of them being the dresses. But last night's Oscar performance really was a departure from anything I've seen since I started watching it at the tender age of 4. It was a SHOW. Not just a snooze fest of long drawn out speeches and thank you's; it was David O. Selznick's Hollywood, it was the Coconut Club, it was pretty damn cool. Hugh Jackman was wonderful, the set was gorgeous and I loved the overall way it was shot. I commend you, Academy, even if I don't always agree with you.

Now about those dresses...I have to start with my absolute favorite. Penelope Cruz definitely won for best dressed last night in a 60 year old Pierre Balmain. She was exquisite; of course I'm a sucker for vintage couture but especially a sucker for someone who wears it as beautifully and non-pretentiously as Penelope (take a cue, SJP). I'm so thrilled she won for best supporting actress; I just think she is a doll.

Let's talk about Amy Adams. I love Amy Adams in ways I can't even explain. Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day should have been nominated and I'm still kind of pissed that it wasn't, if not just for costume design. Wth? Anyway, I'm not sure how I feel about Amy's Herrera. It's kind of like a Jello Mold...interesting to look at but you could kind of take it or leave it for taste sake. Ok, weird analogy but you get me.

A quick line on Jessica Biel because that's really all I have for her. Interesting Prada choice; I realize a lot of critics weren't crazy about it but I think it's...interesting. (Which is kind of like fine, but more...substantial?) I'm just glad she finally looks like a girl and not some anime action figure waiting to kick my ass.

Marion Cotillard can do no wrong fashion-wise in my book. This Dior is heaven.

Viola Davis. Radiant. Glowing. Flawless in Reem Acra. Loved her.

I'm not even really sure who Melissa George is or why she was at the Oscars but she needs to fire her stylist. Like yesterday. She looks like a ballerina shoved into a sausage skin. Just sayin'.

Taraji P. Henson is adorable. Wow, is she super cute and super bubbly. And her dress? Super hot. Roberto Cavalli.

I know I should only pick on people my own size and really shouldn't give a Disney kid any sort of flack but in the name of Hepburn (Audrey and Kate), I'm gonna have to say this to get it out of my system. This is Vanessa Hudgwhateverhernameis. My nieces, I'm sure, love her. I don't know much about her; she's probably a lovely person. But unfortunately she has just bought herself a one way ticket to the island I created for Jennifer Love Hewitt. I GET (trust me, I get) the Hepburn obsession. Love her, or them for that matter, from a distance. Don't copy them verbatim and please please don't compare yourselves to them in public. No one will ever be Audrey or Katherine again. It's just not going to happen. So Vanessa Hudgenfrock said she chose this Marchesa because it reminded her of a young Audrey Hepburn. This is funny on two levels to me because other than the cut of the lower half which mildly resembles Audrey's Givenchy in Sabrina, this dress doesn't look anything like her. It's more Paula Abdul in my book. The other thing is exactly how does one say a "young Audrey Hepburn" when they are like a) 12 and b) unaware that the Audrey was in fact "young" until the day she died. Ugh. Ok, over protective and territorial...coming down off ledge...ggrrr...disney kids....ggrrrr.

Angelina in Elie Saab. Not sure I really dig the dress but it was a perfect fit for the gems because you could see those suckers about a mile away. They must have been special Chernobyl emeralds or something, my girl was aglow.

Heidi Klum can pretty much wear whatever the hell she wants. She's Heidi Klum. And she's married to Seal. Talk about a perfect couple. But what in the name of Tim Gunn was she wearing last night? I mean seriously, gather round. I'm intrigued. And not in a good way. I understand it's Roland Mouret but I'd have worn a Kenley "original" before I'd worn this. The color is bad, the jewelry is bad, the hair is bad, the shoes are reeallll bad. Of course she's still hot even looking bad but Heidi, this is a lot of look. Edit, sister, Edit.

Thank you, dear heavenly gods Dolce and Gabbana for FINALLY putting Diane Lane in a dress that is as sexy as she is. Ever since The Outsiders (ok, I just totally dated myself) I have thought Diane Lane was one of the most ridiculously sexy women in Hollywood but usually her fashion choices leave me longing for a bit of Cherry. She finally nailed it. Hoorah.

You know, I never even saw Virginia Madsen in last night's telecast and that's just a shame because WOW does she look incredible..total honorable mention for her in this Kevan Hall number. She is stunning.

When they fall, they fall hard. Not to say that SJP's dress isn't EXQUISITE, I mean, hello, it's Dior Haute Couture (as she told us on her way into the Kodak Theatre roughly 500 times), but the overall affect? Yuck. I just picked up this month's Bazaar with SJP on the cover; I've been a fan for awhile though I have to say I think her style icon-ism really is at the hands of Patricia Fields (did ya see Square Pegs?). In the issue, SJP depicts Dianna Vreeland in several rather disturbingly Dianna perfect portraits. I love that she did that; Dianna Vreeland was an amazing woman and dare I say we need to "witness" these tales of the Dianna's and the Carmel's so that future generations understand the role they played in fashion as we go down the runway of life. However, rolling the Vreeland look out into public mixed with a typically Sarah ballet dress? Yeah, not so much. And I mean, seriously, I know there are people in the world who don't pronounce haute couture correctly but repeating it over and over only served to make you seem oh so uber pretentious and I'd really like to not think of you that way. So, next time, tone it down a notch; and turn the blond back on in your hair. That color with "barely mint" is barely tolerable.

Frieda Pinto is smashing in this blue John Galliano. All the critics have raved and raved about it. I'd like to note that I think she is the only person on Earth who could have pulled this off though. That color on her skin mixed with her effortless grace and beauty are a perfect match.

I have admired Meryl Streep for years; decades even. Not only is she one of the greatest actresses of all time, I also think she is a great beauty. When I rented Mamma Mia, I won't lie, I was scared. By the end of it, I was not only disappointed that it was over but I found myself repeatedly thinking, damn I hope I look like that when I'm that age. Mamma was smokin'. So you'd think a putty colored Alberta Ferreti gown would be the last thing on earth you'd see her in after such an amazing year. Think again.

I joke that Tilda Swinton is really a droid but the truth is, I'm wildly curious about her. She's kind of gorgeous in a very almost Taltos kind of way isn't she? And her style?? Totally avant garde and envelope pushing. Yeah, I love her. And she's in Lanvin. I love her even more.

Another of my favorites: Marisa Tomei in Versace. There's just something about Marisa Tomei that all guys love and most girls envy. Fantastic dress choice.

When Kate Winslet first stepped out onto the red carpet, my immediate reaction was, Dear G-d, she looks just like Grace Kelly. And she did. She's so classy; so demure; and I admire her greatly. She absolutely deserved her Best Actress win last night; it's been a long time coming. On the flip side of that, however, (please, G-d, forgive me for what I'm about to say) after looking at the dress and hair from every conceivable angle, I just cannot say...I love it? Ok, yes, I love the dress. In its cut, design, the fact that it is Yves Saint Laurent. The color is heaven. But it's just too...dowager? A bit old for her, I think that's my issue. You see I just think she is so divine and I'd like to see her in something that is neither of these three things: blue, black or slate gray. I think she'd be smashing in pink or yellow even. Call me, Kate, we'll go shop.

And speaking of those who dress a little too beyond their age range. I go back and forth with Anne Hathaway. I mean, I love the clothes, from a fashion-addict perspective. She has phenomenal taste. BUT just because you love something does not (does not does not) mean you should wear it (a lesson I wish I'd learned about ten years earlier, thank you chiffon 3/4 length jacket over leggings with clogs!) Anyfrock, I love this Armani Prive dress but I just want to see her in something more fun; something that says, yes I kick ass. Not just, yes, look at me, I'm a serious actress above the Hollywood hype. We know you are serious, you are a brillant actress. Just loosen up. Personally, I liked the dress she wore to dance with Jackman far better than this very stately and severe frock.

Reese Witherspoon wasn't the only one to don Rodarte last night (Natalie Portman's bubble gum pink was also a Rodarte) and honestly I didn't really like either of them. This blue and black number doesn't do anything for her at all. Not the color, especially not the cut. Luckily for Reese, she's not only a gorgeous girl on the outside but she's gorgeous on the inside so shortly after she started talking I completely forgot about what looks like a high school mascot got shredded to bits by the rival team and glued back together as a dress. Or something like that.

Last, but certainly not least, Jennifer Aniston in Valentino. For those of you who may not know (ie. those of you don't give a shit about the Oscars unlike your up-too-late on a school night friend here), Jennifer presented two awards shortly into the night with actor Jack Black. In front of Brad and Angelina. Directly in front of. As in they were seated in the front row of what is typically the orchestra pit. As in Angie was on Jennifer's lap. And I can't imagine how uncomfortable that had to be for all of them. Awkward. I think Jennifer is adorable and quite honestly, I feel for her. For all the "uncools" she kind of held it together quite well while the ENTIRE world talked about her love life ad nauseum for what, five years? I'd say she's pretty kick ass. However, I'd like to put her stylist out of a job. Valentino? Gorgeous. Classic. Silver? Ok, pretty, shiney, light colors were very in this year. Braid in hair? Cute, quirky, very California girl. BUT COME ON!!! Can someone please hook her up with some Vivienne Westwood or Alexander McQueen? Or maybe even ask Tom Ford for a favor??? Golden Rule of relationship take 'n bakes: if you have to show up directly in front of the ex and the ex snatcher, do it with a bang! It's kind of like still putting on lipstick when you've had the flu for 2 days. Pointless but oh so necessary.

Represent, girls, represent.

xoxoxo, kvlm

22 February 2009


Well I'm finally through all the NYC Fall 2009 shows and I feel like my eyes have been seared out of my head from hours of clicking through slideshows. I am sure the prespective of actually being there and being, say, on your red chaise lounge with a cup of hot tea on a Sunday afternoon is totally different and therefore my opinions, for what they are worth, might be skewed. But I have to say that was just exhausting. I never thought I'd hear myself say this but I think I just got a little sick of runway (ok, it's not really true but there are other things I could be doing...like getting ready for Oscar night or reading the stack of 10 books beside my bed).

I only made a few notes on things and uploaded a ton of photographs but before I get into all that, I was wondering...do you recall the Woody Allen movie "Everything You Ever Want to Know About Sex but Were too Afraid to Ask?" Yeah, well I do, and apparently there was some sort of designer soiree where they all got together and maybe watched this movie a few too many times while sipping cocktails because this look was everywhere and I just have to say, what in the hell?

Once I got past that, there was a lot to be excited about. Lots of 40's inspired styles, lots of black (OH THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!), and I've fallen in love with someone (or ones) other than Marc (Tory Burch, Tracy Reese, and Jill Stuart, I am faithfully yours from here on out). London Fashion Week has started and I have to admit, I'm going to need a break. At least somewhat of a break from my fashion addiction. Now some may say I had cable installed this morning just so I could watch the Oscars and drool over the dresses...some might say that, some might say...ahem. But really it's all about the celebration of women, isn't it? Really, women amaze me on so many levels and the only thing really better than a beautiful, confident woman is a beautiful, confident, intelligent woman. And style is all about bringing it out from the inside and making a $25 dress work just as well as a $250 dress or $2500 dress. I'm such a "girl power" kind of woman in that way. In truth, fashion exists just for us; there is no sense not using it to our advantage, wouldn't you say (though I hate to say some may not at the Oscars). I'll get to that tomorrow.

Until then, these are a few of my favorite things: