15 February 2009

Frock Central

If I wasn't depressed about the economy before, I certainly am now after watching all the shows back-to-back from New York's Fashion Week. I don't have it in me to go show to show, designer to designer as I would if say I actually lived and worked to do this (am open to job offers, though, you know...just sayin'), but here are some highlights. But before that, I'd like to say that other than the somber minimalism and few shining rays, I have come to the conclusion that I just am not, on a whole, particularly moved by American fashion. Not to say I don't support it...it just doesn't have that same joie de vivre that European fashion has. Or maybe I just live in the wrong country. And the wrong decade for that matter. There were a few things that actually scared me to the point of gasping: stirrup and harem pants (no! no! no!), unitards and biker shorts (wth??), and lots and lots of metallic (personal pref, or non as the case may be).

At any rate, enjoy these photos...they are my favs. xoxo, kvlm

(first three images: jason wu; united bamboo; following three images: ruffian; monique lhuillier; koi suwannagate; karen walker; hutson; bcbg max azria)

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