02 February 2009


I recently heard a rather disturbing rumor that we, the lovely U.S. of A., were going to remake one of the all time best British comedies, Absolutely Fabulous. Now, I'm a long time fan of Jennifer Saunders and Jennifer Lumley, who are, by far, two of the funniest women on the planet. Eddy's torrid obsession with Christian Lacroix is totally relatable to those of us with a couture addiction. And Patsy's need for a smoke and bubbly either while working out or immediately following...well, who hasn't wanted (or pretended to have) that rock 'n roll lifestyle at some juncture along the way? (ok, maybe an overshare on my part. ahem.) But trying to reinvent Eddy and Patsy U.S. style made me ever so slightly ill. Are we going to PC the Burberry plaid out of them and put them in California with a microbiotic diet and personal trainer? Because that may cause some sort of violent riot. (does it classify as a riot if it's just one person?)

Anyway, posts over the weekend have cleared some things up for us. Kristen Johnston, of Third Rock from the Sun fame, has apparently secured the role of Patsy and Kathryn Hahn, who has always kind of played the super adorable friend of the oft times too perfect leading lady, is set to play Eddy.

And I have to ponder that for a minute...hang on...wait for it........

Ok, I think I'm ok with this. First of all, Kristen and Jennifer Lumley, well they kind of look alike don't they? It's almost frightening the resemblance and Kristen is just ridiculously skinny enough to live up to the Rolling Stones groupie doing rails in the bathroom image that Patsy evoked time and time again. And, let's face it, Kristen is funny.

Now Kathryn as Eddy...that seems a further stretch because Kathryn seems a bit too clean for Eddy's ever-so-dirty lifestyle. HOWEVER, I think it rocks out that she is going to be the focus of what will inevitably be a series that every American AbFab fan will watch because we have no choice at all. We have to see if it sinks or swims. Will it be Ralph Lauren-ized to death or will it stay edgy and truly badass chic? Will it take place in La-la Land or make its way over to the one and only place it could exist as cooly as it did in London, New York? Will it be so PC that Eddy won't sweetie-darling us to death as she avoids growing old, getting fat, not getting laid, or not having enough Lacroix?

The beautiful thing about Eddy and Pats is the way they coat their imperfections in black eyeliner, red lipstick and sometimes insane but always avant garde and seriously sexy fashion choices. And we really need women who are REAL even if they are drunk more often than we are (well, some of us anyway). Other than the obvious difference between American television and British (that difference being substance...oh and gut-clenching humor), the other difference is their screens aren't laden with vanilla Barbie-doll perfection. Save it. Mess these two up; break them a little and please, for G-d's sake, give them LOTS OF ALCOHOL; but please don't screw it up. You are kind of messing with the Holy Grail of shows.


  1. While I confess, I only peripherally know what you're talking about, I would like to say, I'll second your riot any time. Regardless of the circumstances, you shall never have to riot alone! I will also attempt to become more informed. My sheltered suburban upbringing left me deprived of AbFab, but my life is devoted to recovery.

  2. Oh, yes, get thee to a netflix stat and line it up. You won't be sorry.