24 February 2009

Que dans l'enfer ?

Yes, I've just asked wth? in French. I'm trying it out in all languages to see which one fits better. This felt like a francais moment to me.

Ginnifer Goodwin is one of those women whose beauty just kind of sneaks up on you. She definitely has an unforgettable face. Unfortunately, she also has an unforgettable dress. Trust me, I've tried. Taken apart, the dress might make for a perfect bodice to a column gown or, hell, I'd even take a ball skirt. The skirt might be stretched over canvas and sold as imitation Pollock; a very small Pollock (short skirt, party of one). At any rate, together, it just doesn't work. The porportions are just all wrong. Let's all make a note of this and avoid it in the future, shall we?

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