25 January 2011

J'Adore Dior

That's not news, of course. I should have probably just dedicated every word herein from the onset of this blog-addiction to M. Dior. He was, by far, my favorite -- with a close second, third, and fourth being Chanel, Valentino and Vionnet respectively -- as far as the original sculptors of everything we know fashion to be now go.

While there have only been four shows out of Paris' Spring 2011 Couture, I can unequivocally say that this one left me palpitating. It feels like a talc powder dusted hat box filled with plastic pastel framed glasses from the '50's and it looks like a fashion illustration from 1952 come to life underneath a halo of aubergine and cerulean. Decadent, all of it. Right down to the model's perfectly gestured hands, each gloved tip reminiscent of a time gone by; their molded hair and wax red lips exquisitely coupled with ivory coated skin and stark black lined eyes.

Yes, it smacks of vintage and, yes, historically, that is kind of my thing. But I think Galliano's return to a canon of absolute genius is a wise choice for the House of Dior. The quintessential elements of the 50's (and every other notable decade of our last century) are certainly not going any where. And speaking of historical references, is it just me or do I see some classic Valentino references in these frocks...?

breathtaking, truly...

Dear Anne Hathaway, dress on the left. Oscars.

*sigh* Just makes the imagination run completely wild. If ever that was a choice on a designer taking over a House that was just meant to be, then surely it is Galliano for Dior. The King reigns supreme.

More from Paris tomorrow....


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