22 March 2009

Making it up

I have to take a departure from fashion for a second to share my Saturday afternoon discovery with everyone (you know, the two of you who actually read this).

My recent interest in finding a natural and/or (preferably and) organic skin care line led me right back to where I started. About ten years ago, at the urging of my sister, I started using Origins make-up and skincare. However, over the years I kind of felt like my skin either was entirely too used to it or it just wasn't as new and shiney as all the other great stuff out there (the introduction of Sephora was a big deterrent for me). For my wedding, I entirely switched over to Yves Saint Laurent for make-up and went back to Cetaphil for my skin.

I've been using Cetaphil since, well, birth practically. Being born with highly highly sensistive skin and excema (suckage, party of one), my mom actually used to bath me in Cetaphil completely. Fun times...nothing like putting on your Sugar Plum Fairy pj's feeling like an oil slick. Cetaphil is a very gentle skin cleanser and make-up remover but my skin needs a bit more now that I a) have a kiddo and b) am getting older. I have decided when I'm 40, I have no intention of looking 40.

Saks is fabulous for skincare and make-up you can't find any place else in Raleigh. They have a great soy based organic line that I would kill for but the $130 price tag on the moisturizer was a bit out of my price range after dropping the pre-wedding wad on YSL.

A few months after the wedding and a slow return to my vegetarian mostly organic diet, I noticed that a) my skin was breaking out a lot and b) that YSL make-up is full of things I cannot pronounce. And the Cetaphil? Not really doing me any favors.

So, I've gone back to Origins. And I have to tell you I don't think I'll ever leave again. They have reformulated their entire line to get it even more natural than it was before. I chose their Stay Tuned foundation because, well, it feels and looks like heaven. But before the make-up artist at the Origins store revamped my color, she gave me quite a life-changing cleanse. She used the Dr. Weil's (love you Dr. Weil) Plantidote Line. My skin has never felt softer or glowed more. And right now, for a limited time, they are offering a Dr. Weil's Plantidote starter kit for $49.50!! I know I sound like a commercial but seriously...highly recommend this. It's all mushroom based and filled with organic essential oils. It's perfect for sensitive skin but also for skin that needs calming. If you experience inflammation and irrititation this is the skincare for you! The individual products start at around $35 a piece so it's a great deal.

I'd also recommend going to an actual Origins store. I've not had great experiences at the Origins counters in various department stores because, well, department stores have high turn over. And it when it comes to my face, I want someone who knows their product.

Origins is a great company, too. So while looking fabulous, you can also rest assured that you are investing in a company that isn't just consumed with the almighty dollar. All of their stores are run on wind energy; Dr. Weil gives all of his after-tax profits to his not-for-profit organization that promotes integrative medicine (research, practice, etc....check out his website); and next month they are starting a recycling program where you can bring any of your make-up containers (lipstick, foundation...any brand, any type) into their stores and they will recycle them for you. Make-up containers are hard to recycle and take up a lot of space in our landfills each year.

Even more importantly, among the list of things that Origins products DO NOT include is parabens. Parabens have been proven to disrupt hormone function and quite possibly are linked to the rise in breast cancer over the past few decades. It's found not only in make-up but hair products as well.

It's easy to put just anything on your face especially if it makes you feel pretty right? But why would you?

Take care of those punims. xoxox, kvlm

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