10 April 2009

Vintage & Vintage Couture Heaven

Lavendar and candlelight. Check. Some time alone. Check. The best of online vintage and vintage couture. Oh check! click for larger images

Pucci, Dior, Hartnell

Cardin, de la Renta, Dior

'50's French Cocktail, Balmain,Dior

'50's Cocktail, '40's Silk Evening, '50's Tango in Lace

'70's maxi, '50's organza, '20's Piano Shawl

breathtaking Armani


Valentino, Mme. Gres, Dior (ok, little Dior obsessed, I admit)

Givenchy, Laroche, de la Renta

bonne nuit!

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