09 June 2009

Disdain Stays Mainly in the Plains

I just have to get this off my chest so I can move on and focus on important things like who wore what to the Tony Awards and why; or why I'm sadly addicted to The Fashion Show (which is kind of related to my rant, but I'll get to that in a second).

I realize there's a flip side to this...a non-judgmental side to it, the part of me that accepts it as it is and thinks, ok, given the chance, I can't say I wouldn't do the same. BUT what is with actors and singers becoming designers? I mean I get the whole "I'm so creative I don't know to do with all my profound energy and it's just shooting out all over the place" excuse they use. And I get that some of them actually have talent (Gwen Stefani, it took me awhile to embrace you, but I dig L.A.M.B...it's pretty hot) and some of them obviously have really great designers, that probably went to Parsons or FIT, working under them (Biten by SJP). But, really, if I see one more line started in the name of somebody who is relevant simply because they hold a microphone, I may implode (yes, I mean you, Liam Gallagher and Miley Cyrus). Now don't get me wrong, I don't have anything specifically against Liam Gallagher and his (snooze alert) line of t-shirts and what not, nor do I have anything against Miley Cyrus who I think is somewhat adorable at best but it just really irks me because I know how hard is to get into this business. And, ultimately, some college grad is going to wind up designing brillance for someone who isn't even accredited to have fashion designer attached to their name. It just gets me a little bit....grrrrrrrrrr....

And what the hell is Max Azria doing designing a line with Miley Cyrus for Wal-Mart in the first place??? When I think Max Azria, who I absolutely love and adore, I just do not think 15-year-old tween. The two just do not go together...sort of like Justin Timberlake and the Bryant Park Tents. Now the "lines" musicians do for stores don't bother me so much...they've been pretty wearable for the most part, some have even been chic...but really people, do what you are good at and let those who dove $60,000 into debt for those design degrees they have have a chance at the pie, please?

Speaking of letting people do what they are good at, why aren't Isaac and Fern enough for The Fashion Show? What exactly gives Kelly Rowland any right whatsoever to judge the future designers of America? Picking out a slew of dresses or being put together by a stylist does NOT make you a fashion expert. Plus, Isaac really doesn't need accessories...he's much more fabulous just on his own. Ok, I understand, they need a Heidi for the Tim, but at least Heidi is a supermodel...that gives her some connection to the fashion world and probably more than an educated opinion. But Kelly Rowland? Singer. Sing. Please. You know what would have rocked? A Supersupermodel like Helena or, G-d, I could have even stomached Cindy. Someone with some actual working knowledge of what a dirndl skirt is for example? Or who invented the New Look? ggrrrr...grrrr....grrr...disdain...grrr.....

Next Vent: Scarfs. When to wear them, when to not (like 90 degree weather in the South...hello??)

Now back to your regularly scheduled programming already in progress.


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