22 May 2009

Frocking for Others

I love shopping for other people. Why is it so much easier than shopping for myself? (Ok, my husband would say that a) it's because I'm terribly picky and b) I have ridiculously expensive taste and c) I don't really have a ridiculously expensive taste supporting type job. phooey.) Anyhoozle, I stumbled upon this beautiful marriage of fabulousicity while browsing the sites today. Enjoy.

Dress by Plenty Frock at Saks ($177); Shoes by (thine heaven known as) Marc Jacobs at Barney's in a close toe version (sorry, the image was entirely too small to share, just follow the link) ($319)

I also found these bits of heaven in yellow...not that they, obviously, go with the dress but I'm sort of a sucker for yellow shoes. Fab, no? Available for $261 on Net-A-Porter.com.

xoxo, kvlm

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