08 July 2009

Before Couture Mania...

...totally sets in with me (and the full impact of yesterday potentially being the last Lacroix show -- unless of course the LVMH rumors are true), I have to take a moment and release my inner witch. How excited is everyone that the next Harry Potter installment is next week? I am...completely tickled. And even more so that it's completely in line with my 30th (cough, cough) birthday. Happy Birthday to me!

But let's take a moment to look at this photo, shall we?

Exhibit A of why excessively rich people have to hire stylists, far right. Once you hit the 20 million pound mark, I suppose you lose the ability to find any tangible reality when staring at your successful self in the mirror because there is just nothing in Harry Potter's universe that could justify this ensemble for Daniel Radcliffe. Sorry, fella. Love ya, mean it but no. First off, I realize he got caught in the rain so the actual "shine" of the suit is quite down played in this photo op. But there is never really an occassion for a man to wear shiney clothes unless he is a drag queen or a mobster. Especially not with an equally as shiney shirt. Egad.

Now look closer if you will...my little 'arry has on a burgundy-esque paisley tie and what's that I see? Does his jacket actually have a frog closure and black piping on the lapels? Did Hugh Hefner lend him a dinner jacket because surely this was meant to be worn over some satin pj's. OR he's got one toe out of the closet, I'm not really sure. But I'm mesmerized by the tenacity of his stylist, best friend, lover...whoever told him this was a good look. Or maybe no one told him and that's the issue. But surely when he purchased that pink shirt some flamboyant sales person said, honey, no, pink is not not not your color. So very unfortunate.

Rupert Grint, who has always been my fav, is adorable. And Emma Watson's dress is smashing! I was hoping she might vamp it up a bit like she does in her Burberry ads but she looks fresh and the dress is delightfully pretty. Not sure what's going on with the red head band but she's young, she can get away with it. And perhaps the slit in the skirt of her dress that ran right up to her navel was created for the ease of broomstick mountage, but, unfortunately, it has led to the skeevies flash heard 'round the world. Oh well, she's got killer legs and she's not exactly a little girl anymore.

Wow...and do I suddenly feel really old.

Happy next-to-the-end of Harry Potter films, kids. Soak it up while you can.

xoxox, kvlm

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