25 January 2010

Paris Spring 2010, be still my beating heart...

I'm suffering from what I like to call "mouse finger." You know, when your middle finger starts to lock up and play dead from hours of laptop mouse usage? Ok, maybe it's just me but...ouch! This blogging frenzy of late, I do believe, hast awoken my carpel tunnel so recently left behind in the world of pre-unemployment. But alas, nothing can keep me from sharing the news from the past two days of couture shows in Paris. (It may, however, keep said news brief.)

Legendary designer Giorgio Armani said he was thinking of the moon when he designed his Spring 2010 Couture Collection and I have to say it was heavenly. Each piece was either sculpted in curves and put together beautifully with what seemed an infinite flow or incorporated a quick and gilded shard of crescent somewhere in its luminescent design. It was sort of romantic, soft sci-fi without being at all over the top. That's the glorious thing about Armani, it is always so very wearable and always romantic.

Alexis Mabille's collection reminded me of the cubist art movement reinterpreted for our times. Everything was color-block supreme and although many pieces were quite structured and simplistic in their nature, which is unlike Mabille's collections of the past, I found these two to be rather soft and inviting.

Designer Josephus Thimister returned to the runway this season after many years of being away. His collection was dominated by military motifs to the point that there was "blood" splattered on many of the early pieces. The splatters, however, wound up looking more like roses, lending quite a figurative message to the whole collection. A message that carried over into these three pieces which are certainly some of the most feminine of the lot.

Ok, so this is the part where I might lose some of my fashion integrity and just get down right stupid. Dior. Dior. Dior. Sometimes I ask myself, What Would Galliano Do? He's kind of at the hierarchy of all things fashion in my little fashion world. And can't you see why? How anyone does not love him is just absolutely beyond me (see, I told you I might get stupid). Dior was the first designer I ever knew anything about. Before I discovered Dior (at like the age of 8) all I knew of fashion was Espirit. I wore bright pink jeans with brighter blue sweaters for G-d's sake! I was a disaster waiting to happen!! And then, it was as if the heavens opened up and angels sang unto me, "DDDDDDDiiiiiioooooorrrrrrrrr!"

Ok...wow. Therapy anyone? Anyway, this show...this show. It's like my History of Costume textbook opened up and came alive. Any couture show with this much historical reference just really turns on every little girl thing inside of me that gets excited over a new dress. I want to shout it from the rooftops! Or...not. Sorry, I get shiny object syndrome after every Galliano for Dior show. Galliano...a million kisses your way, you are a genius! I love these equestrian looks above. How very sexy...turns me on just looking at them. But, wait, that happens whenever I get near a Galliano anything. Maybe that's just a me thing? Maybe it's an I shouldn't share thing....hmmm...

Talk about sexy. I love the unexpected color combination, it's so rich on these fabrics it just looks like juicy fruit waiting to be devoured.

And these two. It's like "My Fair Lady" on speed. I could just eat them both with a spoon! These are the kind of designs that inspire as well as consume you; the kind of dress that caused me and thousands of others to fall head over hells for Dior years ago. I am not stretching it when I say they make me positively giddy and trigger mild hyperventilation. Am I alone here? Does anyone else get that response? Palpitate? Anyone?

And as always, Galliano is the only designer whose final shot I include in my blogs because he's just as much a part of the show as any of the models (well, and because I am insanely in love with him in a very non-sexual way -- obviously). (P.S. I need someone to wear this black frock to the Oscars...Sandra, honey, you could so rock this).

Overall, a very impressive two days in Paris. Although I have to say, after Galliano, I hope the other houses, well, bring it. After a few seasons of minimalism and turning down of the notch, I really need to feast my eyes on the massive embellished ego that is Parisian couture without any hesitations. And if I can't actually be there, I'd like to squeal in delight from a far, so please, please don't disappoint! The world needs more couture like Dior.


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