06 April 2010


Though I've been a long time lover of all things tartan nothing really seals the deal more than a trip to Scotland. Buying an authentic wool tartan scarf, though very touristy of me, was the first thing I did in Edinburgh without regret. I love it; all of it...kilts, skirts, dresses; you get me?

So although I am insanely pained by never having been to New York, Paris, Milan or London for the shows, I accept it and politely move on, convincing myself to be content from my seat in the very removed "wings." However, there is one fashion show that occurs every year that triggers a little more than just pain from my lack of attendance (or invitation for that matter!!).

Friends of Scotland hosted their 7th annual Dressed to Kilt fashion show in New York City last night and it looks like it was a blast (but then how could it be anything less? If there is one thing I can say about Scots, they know how to have a bloody good time)!

Friends of Scotland is a nonprofit organization dedicated to "advancing contemporary Scottish interests and meeting contemporary Scottish needs in the United States." Sean Connery acts as Honorary Chairman and together with Mike Myers hosts Dressed to Kilt every year for charity. This year proceeds went to the Wounded Warrior Project, Paralyzed Veterans of America and the Erskine Hospital in Scotland.

Additionally, this year's show was a tribute to Alexander McQueen who was very passionate about his Scottish roots, amply evident in his collections.

Here are some photos from the event as well as a couple of videos of highlights. I'm going to have a little cry in my plaid 'kerchief and pretend that it doesn't hurt to watch. McSniff.

Miss Scotland
I would so wear this (ok with a front panel, but still...)

Matthew Modine

Alan Cummings
(love all of it. all. of. it.)

Check out Friends of Scotland website and stimulate the global economy by planning a trip. You will not regret it. But if you can't make the voyage, and you can always just roll up to New York for the Tartan Week Parade on April 10. And if you do, rest assured I will be McJealous. And will probably McCry.