07 March 2011

Ciao, Milano!

While Paris is on fire, Milan is probably having a much needed drink and siesta after their (always) decadent a/w 2011 shows. I still don't understand why, outside of Versace, Prada, & Dolce & Gabbana, Milan gets such a hard time. I'm kind of in love with their style right now -- each season I become a little more seduced by Italy's calling. And I am so mesmerized by Frankie Morello's show, I can't even explain it.

Trend wise, I think we can all safely say now, after 3 major cities, that these things are going to consume as all come fall: prismatic manifestations of fur-drenched menswear inspired 1960's shaped collar heavy super molded outerwear diaphanous 30's inspired gowns stilettos with ankle socks legwear for days tossed with gloves so 1950's and enough hats to sink the Titanic. Or so it appears. Paris will come tomorrow...until then, Milano:


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