14 March 2011

Monday Montage

Monday's are generally no fun for anybody. In my quest to lighten my mood this evening, I, as is typical, turn to all things French. I was also on quest to finish creating my new pages here on FPS, starting with my Frock page. This will be my ode to all things past beginning with Vionnet.

Which brings me to Paris Fashion Week. Is it me or are others having a hard time getting behind Rodolfo Paglialunga's take on Vionnet? I'm perplexed. It feels a little too hard, a bit too modern. But I did like these two frocks:

Maybe I'm being too soft coming from spending two hours perusing Vionnet's frocks of yesteryear? Perhaps. Paglialunga has only been "in house" since 2009 and the house was only resurrected in 2007 after an over 60 year hiatus so there is certainly room for change. I suppose I'm too much of a nostaliagist (I know, that's not a word but I'm punchy and it's Monday) and have high hopes that current designer's will maintain the sensibility of their originators. This is probably too lofty of an ideal but work with me.

Stateside, Nashville Fashion Week is around the corner and I am extremely excited to get my first real glimpse at what's going on in the design world in this city. I'm familiar with a lot of the names and our local mecca of all things, well, local: Local Honey -- hence thy local name. Local Honey recently took over the spot left vacant by Karen Elson and Amy Patterson when they moved their much coveted Venus and Mars Vintage Boutique to an online-only shop -- or at least that was the story but I'm not having any luck finding their amazing selection online. Hmpf.

Anyway, I've not been to any events as of yet in this fascinating and ever growing community of artists. This will all change, of course, in a few short months when I'll actually be in the city limits and not so far out of them. Until then, I can gladly report that two of my favorite fashion fixtures will be joining us for Fashion Week: Kelly Cutrone & Christian Siriano.

Kelly Cutrone has been a fashion-show-producing hero of mine and resident industry badass for ages. She owns the PR firm People's Revolution and is author of two books: If You Have to Cry, Go Outside and Normal Gets You Nowhere. She will be giving a talk at the Belcourt Theatre at 12:00 p.m. on April 2.

Christian Siriano, of Project Runway fame, will be showcasing on Thursday March 31 in East Nashville.

For a complete list of featured designers, click here. I am particularly enamored of Aman Stovall's collection and pumped to see it live (if I get to, here's to crossed manicured fingers!).

More Paris tomorrow!

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