04 May 2010

Met Gala 2010

I've just surfaced from the mother of all power points to finally catch up on what happened at this year's Met Gala. Is it just me or has the Met Gala become the next best thing to the Oscars red carpet? And subsequently, the most jaw-dropping...in both good and bad ways. This year, it was especially, surprisingly, bad. Or am I just cranky from lack of sleep?

The Met Costume Institute is heaven, quite simply. Each year, they unveil a new exhibit that will run roughly through the summer. This year's exhibit is "American Women: Fashioning a National Identity." The Gala was hosted by Oprah Winfrey, Patrick Robinson of the GAP, and, of course, Anna Wintour from Vogue. The exhibit takes a closer look at "American women from 1890-1940 and how these women have influenced our perception of the modern woman." The exhibit includes pieces that have not been seen for 3o years. I have three words: sign me up. Oh and maybe two more words: road trip.

Many moons ago, my sister and I decided at the last minute to charge a trip to NYC to see the exhibit. It was worth every penny of interest (of which there was much)!

As for the Gala's red carpet, I'm at once intrigued by how popular it has become and somewhat annoyed. It used to just be a smattering of celebs mixed in with the heavy hitters of the fashion industry. Now it's pretty much every celebrity who may have an ounce of relevancy at the moment. And we all know what celebrities do when there is a red carpet of great import: their eyes glaze over and they are talked into some truly, ahem, fantastic ensembles by their stylist, best friends, children, and/or psychics.

Let's start with best and trickle down, shall we, beginning with my top 3 favorites:

Holy Grace Kelly, Batman, I think my heart just popped! Doutzen Kroes in Zac Posen, with Zac Posen. Sure, it's a bit Cinderella as well, but it's divine and I would roll in its heavenly blueness until I was forced to stop.

Anne Hathaway in Valentino. Exquisite. The fit is perfect, the color is perfect, she is just, well, perfect. I kind of love her. Love, love the dress.

Nicole Richie in Marc Jacobs. At first I wasn't entirely sure I was digging the whole Morticia-goes- out -for-the-night vibe going on here but then I remembered who I was. And YES. More Morticia-goes-out-for-the-night, please! (Plus, it's My Heaven Known as Marc Jacobs...no brainer.)

Sarah Jessica Parker in Halston Heritage, you know, because she is now Chief Creative Officer of Halston. And because I didn't have enough reasons to envy her fashion soaked life already.

Coco Rocha in Zac Posen. She looks a bit like a siren. Or a sea nymph. Either way, I am a fan.

More from the big poufy dress front: J Lo in Zuhair Murad, Eva Mendes in Dolce & Gabbana, and Mila Kunis in Vera Wang. J Lo's dress looks like the remnants of angels wings, so why the long face? She is so much more attractive when she smiles. Eva's Dolce is a bit of a throwback to '80's Oscar, which I fully approve of. And Mila's Wang (now that doesn't sound right) just looks like an explosion of tulle done correctly (to see it done incorrectly, and by the same designer, please see Rachel Weisz below).

Iman. I'm not sure who she's wearing but I think she just gets more gorgeous over time. Lovely.

Camille Belle in Jason Wu. I hate to say, I don't even really know who Camille Belle is other than she was one of the little girls in Practical Magic. Between that and this dress, she must be at least vaguely rocking. The neckline of this Wu gown is just to die for.

Chloe Sevigny in Proenza Schouler. A vintage influence with a totally fashion forward design. And it has tulle. Yea for tulle! Did I mention that I love the shoes? Because, I do. I love the shoes. Love them.

Old Hollywood glamour: Jessica Alba in Sophie Theallet for GAP, Taylor Swift in Ralph Lauren, and Gwen Stefani in L.A.M.B. They are gorgeous (though occasionally I wish Gwen would so something just totally out of the box for her norm; she's starting to blend with herself.)

Brooke Shields finally gets the Met Red Carpet right in a Michael Kors gilt gown (left). Compared to the cookie monster atrocity she wore last year with the Dynasty makeup, a MAJOR improvement. She looks stunning. And very young.

Kristin Davis wore a mermaid cut black gown, not sure who the designer is but I think the dress shows a lot of diversity to her character when compared to the Balmain she wore to the White House a few days prior. She has such a sweet face, I think sometimes we forget how sexy she can be.

And speaking of getting it right (and bad tulle), Rachel Weisz in custom Oscar de la Renta (left). She looks like an entirely different person in comparison to last year and about 10 years younger. Well done, Rachel!

Now, hold onto your cookies. The bad, well, it's pretty damn bad:

Kristen Stewart in Chanel Haute Couture. First, I am about sick of seeing these shoes. Everyone has them. Second, this is just too much for her. Third, can someone please give her her candy back so she'll stop with the scathing stare? Fourth, fire your hair stylist. Fifth, overall she looks like that thing Madonna had in hair at the Gala last year. No bueno, Twilight girl, no bueno.

Emmy Rossum, honey, you were not in Avatar. There is no reason why you should be shamelessly promoting it.

Padma Lakshmi. I don't hate it from the waist down, it's a bit Marilyn isn't it? But from the waist up she looks like a lamp shade I bought at Kirkland's ten years ago before I knew it was not ok to buy lampshades from Kirkland's. Just say no, Padma, just say no.

Look, Diane Lane is wearing my bridesmaid dress from 12 years ago! Hooray for recycling...oh, wait.

Blake Lively in Marchesa. Blake, Blake, Blake. I'm so glad you look happy because it about your only saving grace in this dress (or are you laughing at your frilly blue butt?). If Brook Shields wore a Cookie Monster dress last year, then sweetie, you are rocking what was left on the cutting room floor. Or, wait, no, no. You know how when you got to Carowinds or Six Flags and they try to get you to buy those big fluffy flower things made out of crepe paper for like $30? Yeah. That's what you look like.

Christina Hendricks in L'Wren Scott. This is a tough one. A) I love Christina Hendricks (holla for a curvy girl!) B) I love L'Wren Scott (in a sick, sick way). But this is just a bit of train wreck isn't it? The shoes match the makeup match the hair match the shoulder growth. The dress matches the eyes...oh to hell with it, we aren't focusing on her eyes are we? Which is exactly why that thing on her shoulder has GOT to go. She's got enough going on up there; she does not need a corsage overgrowth.

Oh, Dear G-d, she lit up. At The Met. For the Gala. Katy Perry is in an LED lit gown by Cute Circuit. I get the novelty, the sort of wow, the look at me of it but this isn't really the right red carpet for this sugar. Try the Grammys.

Tina Fey in a YSL paintsuit. I hate to rip you, Tina, because quite frankly, from the clavicle up, you look ridiculously hot. But there never is really a formal occasion for a jumpsuit, YSL or not.

Vera Farmiga is a beautiful woman in that very sort of atypical, off the beaten path, way (my favorite way, to be exact). So I don't understand why she let someone convince her to date herself so drastically in this Sophie Theallet for GAP gown? The brothel called sweetie, they want their dress back. (Or their curtains, whichever you may have.)

Kirsten, sweetie, didn't you wear this in Interview with a Vampire or am I hallucinating (again)? I know you are a big Rodarte fan, for whom we can give credit for this dress, and supporting the collaboration designers did for GAP for this event, but no, sweetie. Just no. It looks like you're pretending for your wedding. In 1981.

Kathryn Bigelow (in YSL), you were the first female to win for Best Director at the Oscars (not to mention you are gorgeous, tall and have an insane body). Can you not work it a little harder than a magnified pietri dish inhabitant?

Bar Refaeli I have said it once, I will say it again. Go to your room, young lady, and put some clothes on! Don't you date Leo of the large bank account? Can't homeboy afford you a full dress? I'm sure you could find something lovely at Deb, they cater to your age range. And aesthetic.

Oh, Elizabeth Banks. Cousin It, Granmama, and Tish just chewed you up and spit you out didn't they? This is a good lesson, kids, pay attention and repeat after me: JUST BECAUSE YOU SEE IT ON THE RUNWAY DOES NOT MEAN YOU CAN WEAR IT. Edit, sister, edit.

Speaking of editing, I probably need to go and do that myself. Next up: the (belated) White House Correspondents Dinner, because I just can't pass it up.


photos: huffingtonpost.com

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