20 May 2010

Ye, I Doth Covet

I've been wanting these for some time.

Multi-Buckle Wedges by Chloe Sevigny for Open Ceremony

They came out last fall. They are $625. And they are completely sold out.

I remember drooling over them many months ago but then thinking, ok, Chloe Sevigny has legs up to her neck so, of course, these shoes look fabulous on her. But on those of us who have normal legs that come up to normal places, it may not work. Or so I thought...

Walking through the Atlanta airport the other day, I saw a totally normal girl rocking these similar though somewhat less intense versions of the multi-buckle wedge:

ASOS Randal Buckle Wedge

At $67.64 plus shipping from the UK, this is a much more realistic splurge and one I can actually get my head around. Unfortunately, they too are sold out. Oh the humanity!!!! Customer service says they were meant to be restocked by May 17 so, as you can imagine, I am watching these suckers like a supermodel pawing at a cheeseburger. They are divine I tell you, divine!!

Just thought I'd share.
kisses, kvlm

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