18 May 2010

Why Yes, I'd Like Some Resort, Thank You!

I'm a little late on the uptake here but with good reason. I've spent the last two weekends traveling to Nashville, TN and Salt Lake City, UT. Nashville for a job interview and presentation and Salt Lake to visit my new insanely adorable red-haired goddaughter of greatness. Right now, I'm wiped out and just a little delirious not only from the constant going but the overhanging thought of moving in, well, probably less than 3 weeks. If you saw my attic you would understand the nausea inducing psychosis this activates.

But, hey, I'm moving to Nashville and that is a very good thing. And even though, yes, I'd like some resort, thank you, I will doubtfully be getting any until I fly to Ireland in August. All I can say is thank G-d for the internet and all of these delicious shots from Chanel and Dior. I can just close my eyes and pretend. Well, maybe not...I might fall asleep.

So Dior showed in Shanghai but the look was decidedly French, color rich and do I detect a hint of Barbie (though maybe not intentionally)? You be the judge...

Galliano never fails to thrill me. Surprisingly, though, so did Karl Lagerfeld (who showed in St. Tropez last week). Not to say that I don't love Chanel as much as the next girl, I mean, I am breathing. But sometimes the great gloved one (no, not MJ) rubs me ever so slightly with some of his commentary. However, I try to take into account that most of what media vultures put out into the airwaves is typically taken out of context. I also try to take into account the info I picked up on Karl during a recently shown bio on the good old tube. While he was everything I expected him and knew him to be, a new chord struck. Namely, wow, is he a lot more emotionally detached than I could even begin to imagine? So in my little, all forgiving, bleeding liberal heart, I'll try to forgive him for all the fat fodder and insulting crap that pours forth. This resort show is a step closer to me loving him a little more. It's simply gorgeous, relaxed, a little bohemian and everything resort should be.

And maybe Karl is trying, too. He did send this exquisite goddess (below), Crystal Renn, down the runway twice (thrice?) during the show to much aplomb. Crystal Renn is a 12. A mother. And did I mention goddess? Go, Karl.

Seeing her on his runway intrigued me not only because she's plus but because she is insanely beautiful. She is killing me with that bone structure. Again, gotta love the internet. She's got a book entitled Hungry coming out later this year. Here are the cover shots:

Curvy girls of the world, unite! Crystal Renn, you have a new, very thrilled fan. And Karl, nicely done (certainly though you are not the first to utilize her, um, assets but given your general take on the over zero, credit given).

more later, time for some much needed sleep!

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