09 June 2010

Open Letter to the CFDA

Look here, CFDA, how many times do I have to ask? In how many ways do I have to beg? Isn't it obvious? Don't advertisers see it? Do they not hear the big "CHA-CHING" at the very thought of broadcasting the CFDA Awards show ever year? I mean really, come on! Support the economy and get someone on this! Otherwise I will just have to repeat my plea and cry for mercy every year. (I can, however, be quieted with a lifetime ticket to the show, you know, if you wanted to bargain.)

I hear the show last night was brilliant from start to finish. Not only would I have liked to have seen My Heaven Known As Marc Jacobs (finally) win for Womenswear Designer of the Year, but the very mention of the McQueen tribute practically brings me to tears. Come on, do you really want to make me cry?

You could at least put some video footage up on the site of Sarah Jessica Parker's moving tribute to McQueen for those commoners, like myself, who worship from afar. Is it too much to ask? There are those outside of the safe and fashionable confines of your world who loved him as much. A snippet? A sound bite? Something...? No...?

Sigh. So disappointed but trying to sunny side up it all by repeatedly pouring over the list of winners (although the little devil on my shoulder reminds me constantly that that's just great that all these wonderfully talented people won but screw it because I wasn't there...then the little angel on the other side -- who is obviously wearing Marc Jacobs -- kicks the little devil with her Louboutin and says, "that is not nice -- we [she gestures to me] are very happy for all these designers and thrilled with CFDA." Unfortunately, I still have one eyebrow cocked and am throwing mental darts as I help the little devil back up to its perch...but I'm doing it all with love. Really, with love.)

For example, I love that David Neville & Marcus Wainwright for Rag & Bone won for Menswear Designer of the Year and that Alexis Bittar is the Accessory Designer of the Year. I do, I really do. And I love that Jason Wu, Richard Chai and Alexander Wang were all recognized with the Swarovski Award for emerging talent. Love those guys, I mean really just LOVE (are you getting me, CFDA?).

And of course I am just giddy that Michale Kors received the Geoffrey Beene Lifetime Acheivement Award. Just totally out of my skin over that one, let me tell you. And then Vogue Fashion Director Tonne Goodman was awarded the Eleanor Lambert Award and Paper's founding editor and publisher, Kim Hastreiter, received the Eugenia Sheppard Award for excellence in journalism. Christopher Bailey, for Burberry, received the International Award. I'm so happy for him. Then to top it all off...Iman received the Fashion Icon Award?? Presented by Isabella Rosselini? I think I need a moment, CFDA, let me wipe the tears. You are killing me. But, really, don't harbor any guilt. I'll recover. In a year or so....just in time for the 2011 Awards.

Good thing for you there were tons of photos (SINCE THERE'S NO VIDEO) for me to placate myself with. I will archive and chronicle them herein so I can revisit the sadness as it seers its ugly little self into my memory each and every day.

We'll start with my favorite....SSSSTTTTEEEELLLLLAAAAAA!!!!!!! (I so could not resist given the dramatic pulse of this post.)

Stella Tennant in Reed Krakoff...hot. Just hot. Plain and simple.

Sarah Jessica Parker in Alexander McQueen....breathtaking design

Brooke Shields in J. Mendel. Critics have called this boring. I call it elegant.

Amanda Hearst in Peter Som. Love.

Alexa Chung in Marc Jacobs. My Heaven Known As.

Speaking of. Jessica Biel in DVF with (MHKNA) Marc Jacobs.
Like how I'm acronyming that now? I do.

Phillip Lim and Irina Lazareanu. Striking.

David Bowie and Iman in Giambattista Valli. GORGE!

I'm sorry but Donna Karan looks SMOKIN'!

Carmen Kass (in Kors) and Michael Kors. Does he look thinner or is it me?

And speaking of thinner...Rachel Weisz in Jason Wu.

Yigal Azrouel and Paz de la Heurta.
Wish I could find a good shot of the back of this dress because it is ridiculously sexy.

Tonne Goodman in Michael Kors. Tres chic!

Zac Posen, you, too, are KILLING ME. This dress is TO DIE FOR.
Devon Aoki had better realize how lucky she was to wear it. Hmpf.

Unfortunately, I have to have two complaints. Ok, well three if you include the overall general complaintive nature of this blog today. But really...can someone do something about this?

Dree Hemingway in Calvin Klein

...and this?

The Olsen twins in The Row with Sasha Pivovarova

Don't get me wrong. I appreciate that Dree is some big shot model now (who subsequently has admitted to have never read the writings of her great-grandfather...for shame!) but this look needs some serious editing (where is Tim Gunn when you need him?) And G-d bless the Olsen twins. I still see them as 2 year old twins on that horrid show they did. And maybe that's why they continue to dress like Linda Dano but really, we get it. We know you are adults now. This photo, in and of itself, is just kind of scary. Sasha looks like some wicked stepmother just stepped out of the woods with her enslaved elfin children. Save them, CFDA, save them please.

Ok. I'm giving you a year to put this thing together. I'm sure Bravo would be all over it like sequins on a Mackie...just call them...but please PLEASE get this thing on television.

Do it for the children.


photos: fashionologie, yahoo, and the huffingtonpost.

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