07 March 2010

Oscars: Red Carpet Stream of Thought, Part Two

matt damon as liberace's lover? cannot wait to see that.

ok, colin firth's wife is hot. she has mr. darcy. and he's in tom ford. lucky cow.

jennifer lopez in pink armani prive. very sculptured and very beautiful. love the curve of the bodice and of course the train.

i think george clooney's girlfriend is tanked. here's a word of advice: don't get drunk and wear a wrap. there's nothing worse than a fidgety girl in a good dress.

queen latifah looks exquisite. lavendar is the perfect color for her skin tone. love the clutch, love the hair, love the cut, love it all.

meryl streep is somewhat ignoring ryan seacrest. good for her. she looks FANBLOODYTASTIC in white. G-d I hope I look that hot when I'm her age (though i'm not sure i look that hot now). she's so everything i think a woman should be.

rachel mcadams...finally get to see the dress and i love it! she looks like a watercolor. very vionnet, very soft. i even like her hair (for once).

keanu reeves is alive??? woohoo!!! no, seriously, he looks great.

dear kristen stewart, you should pay whoever put you in that dress at least 10% of your gross income this year. it is PERFECT. love, me.

gabourey sidibe just said this is like prom. i love her. "if fashion was porn, then this dress is the money shot." alrighty then.

demi moore, i can't quite see her dress. it's either bondage or diaphanous. not sure. we'll come back to that one.

robert downey, jr. has on blue bow tie, has no facial hair. i need a moment.

kate winslet looks perfect. that is all.

jeff bridges reminds me of being home in south carolina. in a good way. he hangs with t bone. i heart.

(sidebar: charlize, hon, red lipstick and a two-toned pink dress is a no. i'm hoping it only looks red on tv and that really it's like a nice deep dior berry. otherwise, we need a chat).

cameron diaz' dress looks a little like so many other peoples. what is up with the gold? it's very miley but her hair and makeup look perfecto! apparently red lips and a natural eye were a favorite for make-up artists this year.

(nother side bar: i don't think jay and giuliana actually like each other. do ya think?)

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