03 March 2010

I have no good title for you today. So there.

I'm in a mood. I won't lie. I've been in a mood all week. Partly because all my blessed "me" time I was assured seems to have depleted itself and moved onto someone else because it sure is not holed up in this household.

The other part is I'm having that sort of verge of spring-fever thing which is only second to being as interesting, albeit entertaining, to my version of fall-fever, wherein I feel the need to change things, go places, and live just ever so closely to the edge. And let's face it, I can't really do most of those things because: a) I'm unemployed (still. awesome.) b) I have no budget to travel on and c) I have a child. So, I either need to birth some really colorful and imaginative stories that capture said want and desire therefore alleviating the combustible inward pressure on my soul or go somewhere. Affordable. As of late, I've been to Russia and France via the movies but I'll get onto that at another time and in another blog.

And speaking of my other blogs, of which there are currently two (The French Teacup and Atypical Mother): I've been playing on and off for a few months with moving over to Wordpress. Why you may ask? Well mostly it was my intent and hope to collapse all 3 blogs into one that can handle multiple pages; basically providing me with one soap box to sound off on all those things that tickle my fancy. It's still a work in process (see "me time" reference. ahem.) but I think Frock Paper will be staying put, just fyi. It's the most solid of the 3 with the most definitive direction and, well, I like my layout. It makes me happy. I'll let you know when "My Left Bank," ie. "Mon Rive Gauche," is up and running. Right now I'm in the "totally intimidated phase" which will either be easily cured by a couple of glasses of wine or will drag on for months. There is no telling. Let's call it a mystery.

So onto the topics at hand; there are four:
1. Cathy Horyn, why are you such a Negative Nancy?
2. St. John, did you really think Karen Elson was the solution?
3. Vogue Curvy. Get on with your bad self, Conde Nast.
4. Milan, Part Due

1. So New York Times Fashion Critic Cathy Horyn said, and I quote, that Milan Fashion Week was "an eternity of bad clothes crammed into four days." I just so wholeheartedly disagree. Ok, sure, it's different when you are actually there as opposed to watching it say from a red chaise in your den in North Carolina but come on, that's a bit extreme is it not? I can't say that I disagree with her stance that the Armani collection, for example, will not reach a wide-range, ie. global, market with it's very prim and somewhat dated motifs, but a lot of what I saw in Milan was gorgeously tailored, sculpted and designed. Maybe it's not all as contemporary as the Jil Sander line or as "young" (as she put it), and maybe the Italians are lacking in conceptual but what they lack, they make up for in refinement. It's classic and classic, in a bad economy, may be safe but it's also smart.

I think she's a bit of a fashion rebel and I totally respect that but I think it's unnecessary to put "an eternity of bad clothes" on Milan especially given the quality and dynamics of the collections. But those are just my two cents. What do I know, I don't work for The Times. Oh yeah, I don't work anywhere. Hmpf.

2. Completely unrelated but something that's been in that part of my brain that is obsessed with fashion for a few weeks now:

High dollar, luxury American line St. John let spokesmodel Angelina Jolie off their gold hook because they felt her "celebrity took away from their campaign." There's probably truth to that but in her place, they've put Karen-Supermodel-Jack-White-Wife-And-Mother-of-Children-Vintage-Store-of-Heavenness-Owner-Elson in her place. Which I just think is comical. Com. Ic. Al. If they were worried Angelina was taking away from their line, what in the name of hell were the expecting with this?

I'm going to put it out there like this: what the hell is she wearing? Because I'm completely distracted by how bloody and insanely gorgeous she is to even notice the clothes. I mean seriously. 12 foot-tall Amazon woman with fire engine hair and porcelain doll skin? No, no that's not going to take away from the clothes at all. No. Nope. Not one bit.

(Sidebar: if anyone deems it necessary to undue the injustice that was Coppola's Dracula and recast the role of Lucy with Karen Elson, I highly recommend and support that. I dare say she was meant for the part.)

3. So Vogue Curvy. I think it's about time and I think it's terribly interesting and I think curvy women are mega-hot (give me curves over a stick insect any day of the week). But I think it's strange that: a) this is on the Vogue Italia site (hello, U.S.) and b) Liv Tyler is a subject? Really? Liv Tyler? "Curvy?" Maybe she has curvy lips, maybe she's not the anorexic size of the typical Hollywood actress but would we call her curvy? I have just never thought of her as "curvy." Curvy? Really? Hmm. I love Liv but I think she's, what, a 6? Maybe they are confusing curvy with having breasts. People often do that.

Take Victoria's Secret for example who have replaced Marisa Miller with Doutzen Kroes. They say that Doutzen is their "heavier" model. *cough cough choke choke*. Heavier? Mmm...k.

There is also a magazine in Germany, Brigitte, that has decided to stop using runway models in their fashion spreads and to only use amateur models who look more normal/average. (More on that here.) A publicity stunt? Maybe. But I bet their sales have gone through the roof.

Anyway, Vogue Curvy...great site. Check it out. (Interesting tidbit I just learned from Vogue Curvy -- for my foodie friends -- the White Queen in Burton's Alice in Wonderland was inspired by Nigella Lawson. Indeed.)

4. Finally...back to Milan. My first Milan post I realize was gushing overload but really? Was it not flawless?

Round two wasn't quite as jaw-dropping but I still loved every minute of it. Perhaps that's just that part of my brain again, taking over any rationale between right and wrong, good and evil, ugly clothes vs. clothes of fabulousness. Whichever, I love therefore I write. Enjoy the images, I shall dethrone myself from the soap box now. But only for the day. Kisses...

Aquilano e Rimondi

Bottega Veneta. I will take all 3, thank you.


C'N'C' Costume National. Fantastic knits.

Dolce and Gabbana. While the D&G show left me cold,
this just about makes me speechless. About.
(Note: flowers are handpainted on the coat and skirt. Gasp!)

Dolce and Gabbana. I just couldn't get enough.
This is the Dolce and Gabbana that I love.
That we all love. Well done.


Salvatore Ferragamo. Hmm. Eh?
(Ferragamo does not speak to me)

Giorgio Armani. See what I mean?

Gucci. Not nearly as sexy as Tom Ford's Gucci
but I will take it anyway.

John Richmond

John Richmond. Had to include this shot for the
jean stampede.

Les Copains


Maurizio Pecoraro. Um. Yes. Yes. And Yes.

Max Mara

Missoni. I want this wrap on the left,
tossed over a fitted black tee, tailored black pants.
I love a good wrap.

Pucci. Color!

Roberto Cavalli. Dress on right, why do I love you so?

Until Paris!


  1. Oh I hear ya on "me" time that seems to dissipate into the ether...

    As for moving to wordpress, I just moved my blogger blog over, and I'm still learning bit by bit. However my early take on it, is that it's a bit more complicated than blogger, but offers a lot more options for fun customizations.

    I am so stoked the White Queen is based on Nigella! How fun!

  2. Your blog looks FABULOUS!!!! (for those of you reading this, check out Shannon's amazing blog at www.milkandcuddles.com.) You inspire me. Must get to work on my Wordpress!

  3. I LOVE your picks! If only I could have one of each ;) xoxo