07 March 2010

Oscars: Red Carpet Stream of Thought, Part One

Pictures and total breakdown tomorrow; until then...I'm caffeinated.

anna kendrick AWESOME in pink designer? ryan. who's the designer??? ejet. (if you'd stop listening to yourself talk you might actually get the info i am longing for and otherwise subjecting myself to you in the first place for)

mo'nique wins for best disposition ever. i want to be her bff.

mariah carey: meh. not crazy about the dress but it flatters her figure.

zoe zaldana is wearing a dress straight off the runway. smart.

nicole richie looks vintage. as always.

vera farmiga wrong color for her. marchesa, beautiful, but washes her out completely.

james cameron's wife needs a burger.

elizabeth banks' dress is gooorrrgggeeee lose the hair piece though and different shoes, she's way over accessorized to be wearing versace.

maggie gyllenhaal in dries van noten. love it, standard maggie.

tom ford looks fabulous of course. other men should take note.

sigourney weaver looks hot. love the dress. love the sleeve.

diane kruger looks like a neopolitan. wth? she's always so exquisite but this is puff pastry.

sandra bullock in gold. '30s old hollywood: gold leaf, perfect hair, perfect makeup.

tina fey. one shoulder's, i am so over. looks fabulous on her though, great fit. michael kors. where's the makeup sister?

amanda seyfried ruched classic, straight strapless. slightly elizabethan. armani prive. little old for her but beautiful nonetheless.

carey mulligan. box pleats, black, lots going on...not sure about this one.

faith hill. phew. girl. that's a little dark for you. a lot going on. wow tim mcgraw doesn't have his hat on. she's looks like late '70s grand ole opry and not in a good way.

is rachel mcadams hair ever one color?

miley cyrus. PLEASE , FOR THE LOVE OF G-D STAND UP STRAIGHT. string. head. pull. up. argh. argh. argh. so pretty but needs a good month or two with julie andrews. more gold dresses. her and her mom. goodness.

sarah jessica. gorgeous hair if you are into croissants on your head. dress is interesting, unique and looks very vintage. chanel couture of course. wonder how many times she's going to say couture this time.

kathryn bigelow looks gorgeous and very tall. nice color even if the design is a bit sedate.

i heart stanley tucci. heart. heart. heart.

charlize theron looks like a rose. kind of marilyn in diamonds are a girls best friend but the ruched breasts are, um, distracting?


  1. Of course you love Stanley Tucci, honey....I'm sort of like Stanley....y'know, if Stanley swelled.

  2. haha...indeed, honey, indeed.