12 February 2011

Day Oneish of NY Fashion Week

So yesterday's post was Part 1 of Fashion Week but the runway didn't really start until yesterday. Behold...

Wes Gordon

I am completely in love with Wes Gordon. What a magnificent and romantic collection. And the setting really lent itself to the all over feel of his aesthetic. It was a little Garbo-Hepburnesque but at the same time, made me pine for Dorothy Parker and the Algonquin Roundtable. J'adore!


Wayne is probably better known for the leather she put down this fall's runway but I fell for the draping in looks one and two and the urban appeal of the third look. All of it very powerful.

Tess Giberson

No, I don't typically like fur and I'll take faux over real any day of the week, but these were definitely my favorite of Giberson's looks -- well really I think it was the onset of my rekindled love for outerwear. Oh how I love fall...

Christian Siriano

We all know I love Christian Siriano -- his personality, his design skills, etc. But I'm unsure on this one. The looks above won me -- they are quintessential Siriano, though maybe edited more so than in collections past. The pink and gray is absolutely stunning and the middle look, well....something about it reminds me a little of McQueen which is always appreciated (though maybe it's because McQueen is on my mind given it's the year anniversary of his passing).

But this....this I'm not sure of. The first look just does not look like him at all -- and maybe it's because he hired a stylist to help tone down his sometimes overindulgent take on fashion. But that's what we all love about him; he's over the top but it works -- obviously, he's the only Project Runway winner that has just about become a household name.

I like the second look in this line up but when I saw it, I didn't think Siriano -- I thought maybe that model got lost coming over from Calvin Klein...probably she is delirious from food deprivation. And while I do like the way the third dress floats, there is something about it that still is off his mark.

Please, New York, don't ruin Siriano by shoving him into your box. Let creativity be.


Fun. Black. Party frocks. Sexy and playful. You really can't go wrong there.

Richard Chai Love

Again with my addiction to outwear. I love how chic and clean these first two looks are and, obviously, I love the pants. They are pants right?

Rebecca Taylor

Heaven, heaven, heaven. All of it, right down to the legwear! Sign me up!! It's a little '40's inspired and that is always, always ok in my book.

Rebecca Minkoff

Very powerful and sexy. I love the leather jacket with the long flowing skirt, another trend that is happening on a lot of runways. Lower your hems, girls. It just says New York to me, in that good let's go down to the Village and have a coffee then roam every fashion venue for an entire day way. I could really use one of those.

Rag and Bone

Tres disappointed with this collection. I am such a huge Rag and Bone fan and I always look for them to bring me my much needed dosage of downtown-badass-fempower looks. And this...well, this just isn't it. Honestly, when I look at this trio of representations, I see Scotland. Normally, that would thrill me given my affinity for the country. However, it's not the country I see, it's the flags. It's the yellow and red lion mixed with St. Andrews cross compiled into legwear that looks worthy of a ski lift and dresses that are worthy of, well, kilts? Or better yet, lining up for William Wallace's battle. Just give me a can of blue war paint.

The whole collection smacked of those two pages in my childhood encyclopedia that covered all of the major flags of the European nations. I am all about finding inspiration in vague places but this...this is a bit much.

Rachel Comey

Also feels a bit '40's to me. I love the outerwear, the deconstructed coat on the left is unexpected with that floral skirt but it works beautifully. I love the combination of rust colors in the second look that make it seem almost vintage and the mutton sleeves on the third coat make me swoon.

Peter Som

Peter Som's tailoring is in a word glorious. I love how streamlined his collections are but they also don't lack curves -- a harmonious balance. Romantic without being over the top, nostalgic without being too specific which makes him quite the contemporary.

Luca Luca

Lady-like and quaint, I really love the color palette. And the shoes.

Jenny Kayne

Jenny Kayne's line also strikes a balance -- of minimalism without the sacrifice of sex appeal. So often, minimalist looks wind up straddling that fine line between clean/simple and complete androgyny. I am, even though I tend to go for the glam or the dark, attracted to minimalist looks but often get turned off by how clinical they are -- and how un-womanly. These pieces capture all of that and I simply love the color-drenched separates.

Jason Wu

There aren't enough words -- clearly my favorite collection so far, Jason Wu shines once again. The world should write him a love letter. It was a clear cut of sexy androgynous looks mixed with total feminism. Very sexy indeed, right down to the show's production.

How did we ever live without Jason Wu before? Every woman should own at least one of his dresses -- they are truly awe-inspiring. Just ask Mrs. Obama.

More later -- so much more. New York never sleeps, you know, especially when there is fashion to be had.


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