24 February 2011

Oscar Squared

So the Oscars are right around the corner and (as many know) I'm very religious about my Oscar watching. I watch them like a kid watching a chimney for Santa on Christmas Eve...(huh, come to think of it maybe, since I'm Jewish, that's exactly where this came from! Eureka!) Anyway, I've been trying to steer this blog away from any celebrity fashion malfunctions, misdemeanors or mistakes but you are going to have to give me a day off for the Oscars. It's just too easy.

Going back over my NY fashion week coverage I realized I'd left out our dear friend, Mr. de la Renta -- and how serendipitious! Now we can focus strictly on the Oscar-favorite Oscar! (I wonder if that's a coincidence?) Undoubtedly, celebrities have and will flock to Oscar de la Renta for the awards night of all awards nights. Not only does he do this particular brand of 'gown' brilliantly, he's really branched out here of late and I think his frocks are going to appeal to more than just the norm Hollywood A-listers.

Here's what I'm predicting will show up on Sunday at the ceremony and post-awards festivities.

These are a bit more edgier Oscar. Can we thank Lady Gaga or just his approach into those years of ones life where you can simply do what you want and not give a damn what the masses think of you? It might be a combo of the two.

His designs tend to border on the too prim for me but I like this shaken up version of his aesthetic.

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