10 February 2011

Fall 2011 RTW: Part 1

I'm house bound and car-less thanks to our good friend snow and finally taking a break from my domestic goddess duties to gaze longingly at all of the coverage coming out of New York. My picks from each collection that has traipsed out so far are...

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St. John

These top three are actually not my favorites and while I try to not say anything too terribly negative during the shows, I just have to ask a simple question here: what in the bloody hell St. John? I am pretty sure those are falconry gloves for one thing; and for another -- this is just simply not St. John. I am confused by these pseudo-Ralph Lauren-scary-bridesmaid-from-a-time-gone-by looks. Confused and scared I tell you!!

Ah...this is more like it. This is what I expect from a dose of St. John. Prim, lady like, very Town & Country. I really adore the trapeze coat -- it is one of a few I've seen in the line up for fall.


Very sophisticated looks from Willow; tailored, sharp but still romantic. And I love how urban they made equestrian feel.

Steven Alan

I don't tend to get down with too much 1970's inspired fashion but this I like. It's standard boho chic and I completely get behind that.

Z Spoke Zac Posen

A year after its launch, Z Spoke is defining its creator's very words: Z Spoke is "a line for the strong willed business women who transforms into an elegant, downtown creature at night." It's a fun line and would definitely attract a very diverse clientele. Well done, of course, Mr. Posen -- not that anyone ever had any doubt. I love the styling and of course, Coca Rocha (above) and Crystal Renn (below) are two of my favorites. (Though somewhat disappointed that Crystal has gone all "typical model" on us and lost her Rubenesque figure but at least she is healthy.)

Organic by John Patrick

This wool coat on the left is ridiculously yummy. She looks like a Russian spy from 1946. And the yellow? Can I have it in every color? Also love the styling of this show with the Hunter lace up black boots -- I've gotten pretty tired of the Hunter Wellies since every girl this side of the Nordic Sea under the age of 40 has a pair, but these are different. They are a little more "go to hell" and I like that in my boots. (Sadly, they are yet unavailable on Hunter's website.)

Norma Kamali

Oh, Norma. How I love thee! Ok, honestly, I could probably only get away with the second look but the first and third are just fun and so Norma Kamali. I adore her. Right down to her perfectly framed glasses (that I have subsequently been coveting for years and have yet to buy).

Nicholas K

You know me, if there is plaid involved or any small pulse of Highland inspiration, I'm in. Gorgeous, romantic, yet a little rough around the edges. Does it say "I'm off to fight the battle on my own while looking wistfully fetching and wanting to be swept up?" Sure it does; and there's nothing wrong with that.

Lyn Devon
There was something almost a little too comfortable about this collection that turned me off -- hey, I do not look good in sweats and I can admit that. Comfortably. But these three looks I found pretty, soft and easy -- which I suppose is the whole point.

Gary Graham

A little messy, a little punk, a little boho and is that a little Joan Jett? Well, in any case, I'm a little intrigued. It wasn't exactly what I would call my aesthetic but it was interesting and fun. It's been a few seasons since the runways have been fun so I say go for it!

BCBG Max Azria

I'm admittedly confused by my emotions when it comes to BCBG Max Azria. I really want to like it and I like certain elements of it -- I mean it is very easy chic and very fluid in the way that it falls -- which I like. But I'm never 100% on board. I feel like, for this collection, I need to be on board...the Star Trek Starboard Bow. Yes, its a bit futuristic-Trek uniform for me in places but I do love the color story and I adored the full skirts with (yes) more "go to hell" boots. But the sheer white turtlenecks were too clinical and felt too heavy. Under a sweater in 11 degree weather (like today)? Perfect. But under a frock? I'm not so sure.

More from NY later!

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