08 February 2011

Valentine's Day and Rachel Zoe

Ok, those two things but not necessarily together. I know I just posted but since I visited the past, I felt it important to highlight the present and the future as well -- gotta stay current, right?

Future first: mark your calendar (or at least leave yourself a little sticky on your computer monitor, ribbon around your finger, alarm? whatever) for the February 14 unveiling of Urban Outfitters bridal line. I'll admit, I was scared when I read this at first and even more so while waiting for the site tease to load. I like UO for certain things but for bridal? I was really scared the page would open to some malnourished dark-haired hipster who could just not relinquish her cool for the 12 hours it takes to carry out your nuptials in style.

I will gladly say I was wrong...this is quite beautiful: www.bhldn.com. I am kind of in love with the music, the not terribly defining (tease) shots make me all warm and gooey (like a bride should feel -- mission accomplished UO marketing team) and the sparkly shoes with the pom poms? Um, sign me up. I would renew my vows for those chaussures.

And speaking of things I was scared of, Rachel Zoe's newly designed/launched fall line has just made its way to the public eye. Don't get me wrong, I don't dislike Rachel Zoe -- she's an excellent stylist. But I get a little side-eyed about non-trained (read: you-didn't-go-into-any-kind-of-debt-for-a-design-degree-nor-do-you-know-how-to-sew) celebrity types adding "fashion designer" to their resume. But if anyone is going to do it, it may as well be a stylist. At least they actually know about clothes in some sort of academic sense and not in just some, "OMG I totally love this" sense.

Her line is not bad. I found myself extremely attracted to these particular ensembles:

My only criticism? (Come one, you knew there'd be at least one.) I feel like I've seen a lot of this before either on her or on a runway. Particularly, it felt a little Kors-y-Mizrahi-ish-Ford-ic. I mean the red suit is almost identical to Tom Ford's for Gucci red velvet of the '90's (that I still dream about on occasion). But I like it nonetheless and no doubt, given her total schtick, it will do very well.

Next thing you know, she'll be designing military baby jackets with short ruffley skirts and 2" heel crib shoes; she is, afterall, pregnant. I may have to draw the line there. Careful, Ms. Zoe. We shant press our fashion luck.


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