12 February 2010

A Dark and Somber Cloud Doth Hang

It doesn't feel right, perusing the many shows from the past 24 hours of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York City. I have to say, aside from the ebola virus from hell I picked up from my child, I figuratively had to dig myself from the news induced grave of yesterday to even, frankly, give a shit about what's going on under the tents. But then something, a little voice (we'll call her mini-Anna) told me to get a grip and get to writing. Well, I have about enough energy to drink the G2 my loving husband has gotten me addicted to and stroll about occasionally, so we'll see how this goes. I am already so far behind...

Let's just go in alpha order (as determined by my pc) for the sake of efficiency, shall we?

BCBG had color-blocking and draping galore, both of which I am a big fan. But what was up with the opaque white hose? This was my favorite look.

Richard Chai LOVE brought a whole new meaning to the word "layering." I like it.

Rachel Comey has that sort of kitschy-slightly-vintage vibe that I either absolutely love or absolutely abhor. I was somewhere in the middle for this collection.

Cushnie et Ochs, tres sexy. Loving the body conscious frocks. (a few more rounds of this ebola should get me there)

Jen Kao showed a brilliant infusion of leather and knitwear, a mixture of grunge and Star Trek...or Star Wars. I'm not partial to either. As long as it is not Avatar.

L.A.M.B. Obviously I like L.A.M.B. as is referenced by my selection of 3 images and not the standard 2 or, ahem, less. But the one complaint I do have about it is that it is all so very very Gwen, ie. I don't want to play "Guess which Gwen Stefani video I'm representin'" I just don't.

Lyn Devon and Lutz and Patmos. Out of no disrespect do I "lump" these two shows together, it's only that their tailoring and simplicity are so refined that I thought they were a great compliment to each other. Very clean, very fresh. Love the separates.

Organic by John Patrick, return of the beehive! Wow, and I am not complaining. The very late 60's/early 70's influence to this line was delightful. A look that can be so easily overdone is so very cohesive and interesting when done right.

Ports 1961 offered neutral tones, soft draping, a slight approach to days gone by with a very contemporary twist. And did I mention the many-hued fishnets? I want.

Chado Ralph Rucci. The thing I love about Ralph Rucci is his silhouette. It is never compromised. Also, his absolute love for Japanese influence which he transfuses so delicately into his lines; it's strictly elegant.

Vena Cava always intrigues me, even if it isn't necessarily my exact aesthetic. This collection had a slight Spanish Conquistador flare to it that I found sexy and unexpected. And again with the fishnets!

Daniel Vosovic, of Project Runway fame. Brilliant detail in this collection but then I always did love Daniel's design aesthetic. I was pretty amazed that he was cut as soon as he was from the competition but it seems even that can't keep a good thing down. It's like fabric origami.

Erin Wasson x RVCA. Yeah. I just don't get it. Did I miss a very important memo or something? I did like the look below for it's flow and cut. And the knits were nicely done. But otherwise, yeah, I got nothing. I wish the show had looked as good as she did when she came out at the end. But it didn't. And could someone please tell her that when she's interviewed, using the word "like" every five seconds is somewhat off-putting. Like, really.

Until later,

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