23 February 2010

London Calling

Ah, London fashion. There is just something so definitive that sets London fashion apart from everything else. It's unique and innovative, contemporary but nostalgic, edgy, sexy and at times borderline androgynous. And boy does it make me "homesick." London fashion -- and London in general -- brings out one's general sense of darkness...a little punk, slightly goth, ridiculously seductive, mysterious, and well, delicious. All things that remind me not just of my days walking the streets of London, but even before through the music that so distinctly defines me two decades ago. And I am so not beneath what I am about to say...someone please, please, please, please, oh pretty please with a cherry on top, extra whipped cream, a couple of scoops of Ghiardelli, oh please! for the love of everything that is holy give me a job in London so I can get back to where my combat-boot-wearing-but-graduated-to-five-inch-heels feet belong!

Phew...ok, I'm better now. Moving on...

Before I share photogs, I'd like to give a personal spotlight (albeit shoutout!) to Mark Fast for using a varying degree of model sizes (although I do have to give a slight reprimand for the ones who, too, looked like they need a sandwich or ten). But going back to yesterday's conversation, and a very hot topic at hand, the pressure/expectations of the fashion industry on what are essentially children. Let me set the record straight on my end first. I obviously do not have a problem with skinny models -- my dress form is a size 6 on a good day, when I can keep ice cream sandwiches out of her non-hands (she really needs to work on the binge eating) and when I do design (which is not often enough) I draw a very typically modelesque figure. However, do I think the fashion world has created a somewhat sick if not deranged mental stigma of what a 16 year old should look like? Absolutely. And do I think that the fashion industry is missing out on A LOT of money tapping their goods at a size 12? You'd better freakin' believe it.

When I was 16, my very wealthy and wise aunt asked me what I wanted to do for a living. When I told her I wanted to be a fashion designer she said, and I quote, "well, please sug, do your aunt a favor and design some fabulous clothes for us fat girls...we are, afterall, the ones with all the damn money." All between puffs of smoke...grande.

But that's not really the point of this recent soap boxing that not only myself but so many others, including those actually in the fashion biz, are on. Let's promote good health, understanding, acceptance and general, all around love of our distinct and individual bodies. Not everyone on this planet was born to be a size 4 -- not even some of the ones who are a size 4 were born to be that way and they are ridiculously miserable or drive those around them insane talking incessantly about what they eat, or don't as the case may be, and how often they work out. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Please leave your female stereotypes at the door. Thank you.

Mark Fast
Congratulations to you, Mark Fast, for embracing different and daring to not give a shit.

Basso & Brooke (crazy prints were everywhere)


Antonio Berardi (so sexy, so chic!)

Amanda Wakeley (gorgeous draping)

Also Amanda Wakeley (and buttery leathers)

David Koma (graphic color-blocking supreme)

Clements Ribeiro (sexy dresses and innocent sweaters)

Christopher Kane

Burberry Prorsum (always classic)

Betty Jackson

John Rocha (really speaks to my inner-witch)

Jenny Packham (a twist of orange)

Jaeger London (more velvet could not make me happier)

Issa (a new favorite!)

Erdem (I have such a mad, insane crush on Erdem...Mad! I tell you!)

Mario Schwab (excellent sculpting)

Maria Grachvogel (love the color story and oh the draping!)

Julien Macdonald

Joseph Conran (I need this little jacket in my life)

Jonathan Saunders

Paul Costelloe (I want, I want, I want)

Nicole Farhi

Nathan Jenden

Matthew Williamson (divine!)

Mary Katrantzou (love the mix of print)

Roksanda Illincic (um. yes.)

Richard Nicoll

Pringle of Scotland (yes, I would like the pant in every color,
thank you)

Peter Pilotto

Paul Smith (wow!)

Todd Lynn (wanted: for weekends)

Sass & Bide

Vivienne Westwood Red Label (bring on the Gold Label, please!
I need my full Westwood fix!)

More tomorrow. Hopefully I won't totally inundate you with such an image heavy blog but all this beauty? It's worth it.

til then,

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