11 February 2010

Dear Alexander McQueen,

Though my life has been comprised of many inspirational moments related to the understanding, building and evolution of fashion, I have to say that one of the most memorable is when I knew there was an Alexander McQueen. You were the dark horse of British fashion and on that level, being the dark horse, I related. It was brilliantly refreshing to see someone young come out of the shadows and take the fashion world by such dark and crimson storm. I have to say, it gave me some hope that not all fashion was definable by pattern-cut stereotypes or rather pieces that fell into a well accessorized puzzle.

But not only that; no, not only that. Every piece of fabric that you touched was turned into art. You were the Dior, the Balenciaga, the Mme. Gres, the Vionnet, the YSL, and, yes, the Givenchy of our time. And not just separately or unto themselves, but wholly and completely as if combined into one. Your success was so very well deserved and will continually be followed by every generation of designers yet to come. You are a history book, a living model, a wind of change and a brilliantly adorned jewel in the crown of fashion. And you will be missed.


Rest in peace, McQueen, rest in peace.

xoxo, kvlm

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